Our Company

Timberline Patio Covers originally specialized in an under deck ceiling product called Undercover Systems.  This product was patented and franchised in the late 90’s and continues to outperform other under deck drainage systems nationwide.  When he purchased the franchise rights for the Pacific Northwest, Robert couldn’t have imagined the terrific response he would receive for this product from residents. Having exhibited trustworthy and reliable business practices with Undercover Systems, Robert received frequent requests from his customers for outdoor construction services that, at the time, were outside his company’s purview.  However, through patient networking with long-time local talents in the residential construction industry, the ties were eventually made in 2013 that finally allowed Timberline Patio Covers to offer a well-rounded menu of products and services that cater completely to outdoor living spaces for the entire Puget Sound region.

Whether your project is a complete outdoor living area or an a la carte service, please fill free to request a complimentary design & estimate consultation.